Meta-Imaging: Sensing, Processing and Computing with Dynamic Metasurfaces


Our MURI team will exploit breakthroughs in the fields of metasurfaces, computational design, fundamental modal optics, and information theory to enable a new paradigm for sensing, processing and computing by utilizing metasurfaces to detect additional degrees of freedom of the lightfield and process the information at the speed of light – all while reducing the size and weight of imaging systems. To move towards such a new reality, we bring together world-leading experts in metasurfaces, nanoscale optics, optoelectronics and image processing. Our overarching goal is to deepen our understanding of metasurface-based imaging systems (“meta-imaging”) that can extract and simultaneously process the rich information from an optical scene.

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AFOSR MURI FA9550-21-1-0312 — Program Manager: Dr. Gernot Pomrenke